Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still at it

Still at the biggest dilator. Getting it in 1/4 of the way. Still giving myself until June 6th before I go back to the doctor.


  1. Hi Franny, I am in a similar situation to you too. I've just had vulvar biopsies taken to rule out any skin abnormalities.

    I think working with a physical therapist to stretch and elongate your muscles would help you with your dilation. I bought the book "Heal Pelvic Pain" by Amy Stein to learn stretching techniques. Only US$10 for Kindle.

    I am at a similar dilation size as you (about 3cm diameter) after working up from my finger. I'm hoping to get a referral to a physiotherapist after my biopsy results come through.

    I've found it so comforting to see how many resources there are available. I especially found useful.

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  5. Hi Franny,

    I have the exact same problem. I thought the hymenectomy would sort my issues.. that was a year ago.

    How can I contact you? I'd really to talk. No one else understands...

    stoppit . tidyup at hot mail dot com

  6. I was a poster on VaginaPagina on LJ, and you commented leaving your blog like 2 years ago and I'm sorry I don't know if I ever responded, I haven't been on in eons but I wanted to see how you are progressing?
    I lost my virginity about 8 months after getting the hymenectomy. The 8 months after the hymenectomy I was able to use tampons with minor discomfort but could not do much else without aching pain, tensing. I used the dilator set I bought and I could get up to the 3rd or 2nd largest in but never the largest and I had some anxiety. I'd try to insert the smaller ones and I felt my muscles contract involuntarily down there to close it off (I believe I had some mild vaginismus).

    Anyways, my then-boyfriend of 4 yrs (who was emotionally destructive during this process in the long run) was not able to penetrate, ever and we ended up breaking up before we had any success.
    About 2 weeks after we broke up, I got wicked, black out drunk at a friend's party, met a guy and apparently had sex with him. He ended up being nice, not my type, but nice and I talked to him the next few days after and told him my whole story as far as being a virgin with a 0 success rate at penetration and he was pretty cool about it an reassured me that while he had "whiskey dick" and the sex wasn't 'complete' that there was no problem with penetration and that it went fine.... I know losing your virginity while black out drunk is not usually a positive story but for me it was one of the most emotionally positive events in my life because I felt like I was finally a fully functioning woman (not to say those who cannot tolerate penetration are anything less than a fully functioning woman, it just meant so much to me to be comfortable someday to even try sex with a boyfriend). A month later I found a boyfriend whom I have been with for 2.5 years and while the first few months for sex included some burning stretching feelings, I have had no issues with penetration.
    If anyone has any questions please contact me via livejournal
    my user name is nomad____
    I had the complete hymenectomy, cauterized in May 2009 at age 18.