Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love, husband and vaginismus

My husband and I did more of my exercises today and made more progress. I really feel that we are on the way to having a healthy sexual relationship and maybe one day children. He has loved me through eight years of this.

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  1. Women with Primary Vaginismus can still enjoy intercourse but ONLY IN THEIR DREAMS. In reality, they just can’t because it is too damn painful for them. They masturbate by just rubbing their clitoris but they always avoid vaginal insertion. Because they’re scared of their own fingers (or anything).

    FYI: Sex is a desire, a craving and a WANT. It is not a chore to please another. It is an expression of mutual affection.

    I am a man who believes in WOMEN’S RIGHTS. If a woman has a right to say NO to sex, then so does her VAGINA. She should respect her VAGINAL RIGHTS. They are:

    1.) Vagina’s right to refuse sex.

    2.) Vagina’s right to self-pleasure

    3.) Vagina’s right to self-lubricate.

    If a woman has Primary Vaginismus, it means her VAGINA is refusing sex. It’s God’s form of BIRTH CONTROL. Vaginismus is God’s way of saying that a women are NOT baby factories.

    Most humans are genetically designed to learn how to masturbate. Masturbation teaches them to be sexually self-aware. But some, particularly women, have limited or no masturbation skills and end up having Vaginismus or Thick Hymen. Because God forbids them to learn about sex to control the population. Some women do not own their bodies because God owns them.

    One probable cause of Primary Vaginismus (other than sexual abuse)is a woman’s ignorance of her own sexuality.

    There are some girls who didn’t know they had a clitoris until they become teenagers. There are those who masturbate later in life (age 15-26), but orgasm much LATER. Hence they are DUMB about their own bodies. But other girls are DUMBER than that.
    It is therefore reasonable to say that if a woman is DUMB about her own sex organ, then God can intervene and manipulate her vagina for the purpose of birth control.

    She can still be impregnated even if it violates God’s will. We’re free to obey or disobey. It’s called FREE WILL. She may be tempted by her imaginary and deceitful “BIOLOGICAL CLOCK”, like a snake in the Garden of Eden. Instead of infertility, God inflicts PAIN to test her obedience.

    Hymen Reconstruction Surgery is WRONG. But God allowed it to happen.

    Female Circumcision is WRONG. But God allowed it to happen.

    …well….the same thing can be said about trying to cure Vaginismus.
    We are free to do what is right and what is wrong.

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