Monday, February 14, 2011

V Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
After trying pretty unsucessfully to try and have sex two nights last week, I've decided to go back to the dilators. I did however order female condoms and vaginal contraceptive insertions because I think they will make things easier when I feel I can try again.


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    I am a man in my late 20s who believes that sex is NOT a necessity. Sex is just a choice.

    If I am satisfied with masturbation, then I DO NOT need sex. Unsafe sex can cause the following:

    1.)STD /HIV
    2.)Hurting women with Vaginismus

    Masturbation is enough to keep me satisfied. Because Condoms may break and pills can have side effects.

    Believe it or not, there are some girls who are DUMB about their own sex organs.
    Just watch:

    In 0:48, one girl said: "My mom sat me down and we talked about sex. When she told me that it was a penis going inside a vagina, I WAS SHOCKED. I though that sounded SO GROSS. And I didn't know that I had an opening there."

    -Maybe you are one of those DUMB girls.

    There are two types of God's natural birth control:
    1.) Vaginismus
    2.) Having a Thick Hymen

    Most humans are genetically designed to learn how to masturbate. Masturbation teaches them to be sexually self-aware. But some, particularly women, have limited or no masturbation skills and end up having Vaginismus or tough Hymen. Because God forbids them to learn about sex to control the population. Some women do not own their bodies because God owns them.

    Sex is not a necessity. It is a choice.
    Just MASTURBATE with your clit. HAHAHAHAHA.

    If God owns your vagina, then you do NOT need sex. PLEASE REPLY.

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    My e-mail address is

  2. Hey! Hope everything's going ok.

    This made me wonder if you'd seen it.

    Although, the comments section gets a bit nasty.